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::Carbondale, Colorado:: Where the sun keeps on shining & the trails keep on beckoning! We have found our “Forever Home” right inside Carbondale Proper. We can bike, walk, rip-stick, skate board, run, skip & hop to any place in town. We have gone from 2 Yurts in remote Alaska to a Straw Bale home in a small town located in the Rocky Mountains.

Our life is different from the one we had in Alaska, but we are still the same family taking on new adventures...Life continues to be good to us! Please come check out this place we call our FOREVER HOME!

holiday happiness 2014

tiff December 20th, 2014

every year i say i am not going to send holiday cards…but i get sucked in because i love to keep in touch with family and friends…but i have cut down on how much…so here is out card this year…happy holidays from the holt’s!

make it a great 2015!

10+5. fifteen. 15.

tiff December 7th, 2014


{christmas 1999}

holy katoodles how did this happen!  we have our sweet boys’ hitting a big milestone…well in my eyes it is considered a milestone…these two sweet boys’ who were born 7 weeks early will be on the road behind a steering wheel(do we still call it that…sounds funny)…yep they are now old enough to have their permits.  wasn’t i just holding these two football style, latched on—ALWAYS…my hair frazzled and all i could do was look you in the eyes and smile at how proud i was to have two beautiful healthy boys’!  i am beyond thrilled that these two incredible humans are mine…all mine–okay i will share them with rick too!  (and yes rohnan i will always want hugs and kisses…get over it!)  i remember the early years like yesterday…the TIME.  the PACE.  the small MOMENTS.  the SIMPLICITY of life in Alaska!  i couldn’t be happier that i was able to cherish all those years at home with these two:  baking, creating, making, adventuring, snuggling, reading, watching, playing, giggling, walking, hiking, biking, oh yeah and did i mention the snuggling.  i loved that for the first 6 years of your life we did not get in a car to rush. rush. rush to ANYTHING!  i loved that while you were 7 and 8 years old we lived a simple life in the yurts…cross country skiing, mushing, making fireweed jam, playing in the river, going to wasilla to get cocoa(coffee) and internet, heading to talkeetna to get big breakfast, chopping wood to keep the house warm, building forts in the woods, reading books by the wood stove, visiting stuart little & carey…and NOW if we still lived in the woods we would be watching out for SlenderMan or better yet maybe the WoodMan was Slender Man!  i loved sleeping in a tent for 3+ months with you two while building our home in the woods(really i did..that doesn’t sound weird does it…ha)…you two boys’ are amazing humans that have lived a life like NO other!  i find that i am more amazed with you NOW as you enter a whole new chapter of your life…one that has incredible responsibility and choices to make…one that will give your dad and i more grey hairs…one that will for sure be fun to see how it all plays out…one that i know will be hard to watch, but will only strengthen your character and the person you are…PLEASE Please please continue to live a life of HAPPINESS and of course sprinkled with LOTS of Adventuring!

christmas-2000 christmas2001

{christmas 2000}                                                       {christmas 2001}

christmas-2002 christmas-2003

{christmas 2002}                                                         {christmas 2003}

christmas2004 christmas-2005

{christmas 2004}                                                                            {christmas 2005}

christmas-2006 christmas-2007

{christmas 2006}                                                                    {christmas 2007}

christmas2008 christmas2009

{christmas 2008}                                                                   {christmas 2009}

christmas2010 christmas-2011

{christmas 2010}                                                            {christmas 2011}

christmas-2012 christmas-2013

{christmas 2012}                                                                     {christmas 2013}

To you sweet 15 year old boys’….I just LOVE you so!  You make your dad and I incredibly proud of the people you have become…and will cherish every moment we get with you while you are still living under this roof!!!! (can you tell i am getting a little sappy about the empty nest that is to come…sooner than i want to think about!)


birthday photos to come…as these two crazy kids have grown. grown. grown!

well there went FEBRUARY!

tiff March 8th, 2014

geesh…and i was doing pretty good with my blogging in january…well nothing like i use to do, but better than last year.  and then BAM! february came and went like that!  here we are in March…already done with the first week…


february was awesome…we had a fabulous hut trip over presidents day weekend to the mcnamara hut…we skied in almost 5 miles to the hut…stayed two nights and then skied out.  we were lucky this time…the weather was cooperative and the temperature was tolerable…actually it was a bit warm on our ski out!  we are extremely lucky because we have friends that tolerate our oddities…and well we tolerate theirs…smiles!  we went with our good friends, Jami & Nate and their two boys!  it was pretty awesome…even keegan and rohnan embraced their time with sam and levi.  (it can be challenging when our friends we like to hang out with don’t have kids the same age…but fortunately k & r have each other)


i do have to admit that i am the weak link with this crew…as i have gotten older–well i am less confident on ski’s and MORE afraid of falling…cuz’ falling kinda hurts!  fortunately i am skiing with an extremely supportive group of people…and they all are there to CHEER me on…sometimes i have to admit i need to just be by myself in my own head—but really it is nice that they all care!  i am my own worst enemy!

our first mile was just getting our “poop in a group”—the snow was sticky, backpacks were needing adjusting, kid in sled needed some adjustments, food was needed already for some, bathroom stops, teenagers trying to figure out their rental gear, snow build up on ski’s due to the temp., skin’s put on ski’s, up hill, up hill, up hill, and then we were off!

img_4349 img_4410 img_4354

keegan took off to the cabin w/o us…he arrived about an hour and a half before us.  he had time to hang out on the deck of the hut, eat his snacks, build a snow cave and create a giant snow hole.  (he couldn’t get into the cabin, as he didn’t have the combo to the lock…smiles)  the rest of us trudged along…it was an overcast day, so it was a bit dreary on the snow…plus when we were in big open fields the wind was blowing…so it made it more of a trudge.  however when you picked your head up from your ski’s…the scenery was incredible and the quiet was oh so LOVELY!  we were climbing in elevation and we were all wearing backpacks…and yes it takes a little adjusting while skiing and remembering what it feels like to have weight on your back!  for me it was all about the BALANCE…holy—out of backpacking shape!

img_4350 img_4352

we all did make it…thanks to nate for coming back and getting my backpack–oh these old knees of mine were ready to buckle!  apparently i put too much weight in my backpack…i think sometimes i am stronger than i really am…ha!  or i forget that i am almost 46 years old and have not been backpacking on a regular basis…or that i don’t really need to bring EVERY f’ing thing to the cabin…smiles!  i have to say that we all AGREED that 2 nights is the way to go…we all got to the cabin…took care of needs, got the fire started, made dinner, relaxed, while the kids and all their energy were outside playing in the snow!  what was nice…was knowing that we were not packing back up to leave the next day…we could spread out and know that we had a day of play and no where to go!

img_4398 img_4387 img_4434

we enjoyed LOTS of coffee, relaxing on the cushion-y benches, reading the various journals in the cabin, eating yummy food, wood was chopped & kindling was split, naps were had, cribbage was played, conversations were silly & sometimes serious, all of us working together!  the best part for 3 of the adults and the two teens was Nob Mtn…a little mile jaunt to do some back country skiing…that led them right back to the cabin.  the boys’ LOVED it!

img_4442 img_4432 img_4445

i think our least favorite part…was the outhouse…it was pretty stinky…the hole was definitely not breathing, so the ammonia smell was STRONG!  however we can’t complain too much, as we didn’t have put our boots on and trek to the outhouse…the awesome thing about 10th mtn. huts is that they have the outhouse attached via a covered deck walkway…it is really kind of a sweet deal!  and the other part that is pretty awesome is that we have electricity in the evening—there are solar panels on the cabin and batteries charged up…plus there is propane…it really is pretty cushy once you get to the cabin!

img_4585 img_4584 img_4587

one of the highlights was fried poptarts…of course we didn’t bring enough in…those were a hit!  rick has always brought poptarts in when we have backpacked in the winter…he says it is a great way to get some fat in your body with a sweet treat…he really does fry them in a big blob of butter!  poor jami and nate will never be able to go to a hut again without butter and poptarts!  rick served them like an appetizer to breakfast that first morning…hilarious!  of course we all brought enough food for the week—we were not going to go hungry!  and what we all loved about the hut is that we didn’t have to cook on a backpack stove and we didn’t have to bring in pots and pans or dishes and silverware…it is all at the cabin!  it really is pretty plush!

img_4588 img_4594

we had a FABULOUS time…and our ski out was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  the boys’ were able to make a few turns when we stopped to snack…and then there was a wide open slope where we all went down…some more graceful than others…thank goodness no one was taking photos of me falling, falling, falling!  and guess what we get to do this cabin all over again at the start of our winter break in december…we just got word that we have a 2 night reservation at mcnamara…it is a lottery system and you have better odds getting what you want early if you have a membership to the 10th mountain hut system!  better start stocking up on poptarts…giggle!!!

well february wasn’t over yet…rick’s dad and wife came into town the last week of feb.  we had a short visit with them, but good.  rick and the boys’ had a few days of skiing with gramps.  dad and lou stayed up in aspen at the base of buttermilk…it made it easier for mimi to do stuff during the day while everyone was working…plus she was able to see zach play hockey and take hannah to ballet.  we are lucky enough to be going on vacation with them in july at the outerbanks in north carolina…so we will have them to ourselves for a whole week.  we did host dinner at our house one night…everyone came down valley. (dad, lou, zach, uncle brian, dave & erin—rob, jeanne & hannah couldn’t make it down) and we all met up the last night to go out to dinner with everyone in aspen…always nice to see everyone…and always quick!  (i will post pictures soon…)

crafting and cooking

tiff February 9th, 2014

i have been busy this past week + a few days.

besides teaching.  besides incredibly LONG meetings. besides mid year goals paper work TIME SUCK. besides getting into my classroom to re-organize.  besides working out. besides the normal day in and day out responsibilities.

i have been crafting and cooking.  and really enjoying it.

i made all my valentines for my students + a few extras.


i have made two baking pans full of homemade larabars…we like ours better!

i altered this recipe:  The Paleo Mom

i put dried cherries in them and used cashews, almonds & pecans instead of walnuts and pumpkin seeds.


i have made 4 corn bags that you heat up in the microwave to alleviate the aches and pains…

and let me tell you we have plenty of those—the boys’ love them and sleep with them.


AND i have made 3 lavender eye pillows.

these are filled with flax seed and a scoop of lavender…heated up and on the eyes = pretty awesome!


YEP…all during the last 10 days!

i even made this heart wreath out of scrapbook paper…it is no longer hanging up, as it slowly pulled apart…ugh!


i love when i am this motivated.  it helps that the weather has been pretty YUCKY or SNOWY or SLUSHY!

i just stay put, drink coffee, create and cook!  i enjoy it and my family benefits from it!

45 years old…

tiff January 19th, 2014


it is that time of year when rick and i are the same age for 5 months…instead of me being his older woman!  ha!

rick celebrated his 45th birthday working out with his family!  all 4 of us went to workout at CrossFit Bonedale to take part in the Workout Of the DAY(WOD)…which was created JUST for RICK, but everyone that went that day for a workout had to celebrate Rick’s birthday with a pretty challenging workout, but oh so FUN! Two of our friends showed up to help celebrate…thanks Jami Friday and Heather Fox–so fun to have friends join in the celebration.


after the workout it was a quick change of clothes and off to dinner at Phat Thai all together!  it was a great way to celebrate RICK…and our boys’ are oh so much fun to have at dinner too.  Phat Thai use to be just “OUR” place that we kept to ourselves and never shared with the boys’, but now that the boys’ are conversationalists it is just a sweet spot to enjoy our time together!  we know that the boys’ wont be with us forever, so to take advantage of TIME together can’t be passed up!  (and thanks Nana/Mom & Papa/Dad for rick’s birthday check, as it payed for most of our dinner!)

img_4381 img_4384

rick received a new cribbage board that was made by HOJO woodworking (Greg Johnson and Howard Misner)…we thought it would be fun to get him something that a friend made and well…CRIBBAGE is JUST fun!  of course the boys’ wanted to get him that cool beanie with the goat on it from!

♥  ♥ ♥  ♥

i think rick had a pretty good birthday…we certainly had fun celebrating with him!

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