::The Cumulus Cloud for your Tags/Categories::

tiff November 2nd, 2009

Rick introduced this cool thing to me last week.  It is a fun 3D Cloud that houses your tags or categories…it spins around…and you can click on one of the categories(it will highlight in red) as it is spinning and it will take you to all my posts that have been put under that category…pretty amazing!  We have had it in our side bar for a few days, but I thought I would blog about it!

alaska (7)
backpacking (4)
baking (4)
blogging (26)
camping adventures (14)
carbondale (198)
cooking (23)
crafts (15)
crossfit (1)
dogmushing (7)
doodle bug/s (50)
education (21)
exercise (10)
exploring (25)
FAC {friday after class} (3)
family (356)
forever home (73)
friday fill in (9)
friends (67)
games (2)
grouchy (3)
health (5)
help (1)
hiking (14)
holidays (76)
home projects (19)
house hunting (1)
injuries (2)
insta-what? (3)
music (20)
my best friend (21)
o'gormans (16)
online social networking (2)
quotable discovery channel (4)
real estate (2)
reality (6)
recipes we like (8)
restaurants (2)
river life! (7)
road travels (54)
saturday morning sounds (13)
sayings (2)
school (53)
sick (15)
silliness (86)
sk8 or die (2)
skiing (37)
smell. hear. see. (1)
snow day! (1)
SOCCER! (16)
sports (33)
summer time (58)
technology (13)
travels (16)
unleash the green thumb (4)
vacation (50)
weight (3)
wildlife (1)
winter fun (1)
work (26)
{this moment} (22)

WP-Cumulus by Roy Tanck requires Flash Player 9 or better.

To have this on your site you will need to click here or here!  We chose our cloud to be smaller, as we have it in our sidebar…some of these clouds are huge on other websites!  I am not an expert to how to get this cloud onto your site…so I may not be of any help to you…but I did just read through the directions and then did some fidgeting with code & our wordpress settings.

One Response to “::The Cumulus Cloud for your Tags/Categories::”

  1. Christieon 11 Nov 2009 at 11:47 am

    Love the 3D cloud - I’m going to check it out for my own private use - hoping it could be a screen saver!

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