.:.happy 2013.:.

tiff February 2nd, 2013

holy…did january just end?  where did the time go!  i really do exist…hence the header change!  i look forward to the month of hearts and ooshie gooshie love notes that will happen in february! {mostly from my students} and i do have some aspirations to get this blog back up to date…but for now i will leave you with this video!  (please know that christmas in oregon is coming, a broken leg update and some randomness going on in our lives–now to find that extra time)

an ode to the non-existing land line plate covering the jack!

yes…it is always good to see my boys’ be silly…and no they did not practice this silliness!

oh dear!  i LOVE them so!

let the ooshie gooshie begin!

♥happy february♥

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